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Artist at work.  

“ A Standing Reliquary: Dark Reminisce Blown Glass and Steel. 2012. 7' h x 14" w

"The Standing Reliquary:Minaret of Sacrifice"  

“A Standing Reliquary: Elysian Tower” Blown Glass and Steel. 2012. 7' h x 14" w

"The Standing Reliquary: The Hadith of Truth" Blown Glass and Steel. 2012. 6.5 feet h

Proof of the Wisdom of God Blown glass and Steel 2015

"The Standing Reliquary: Parapet of Protection" Blown Glass and Steel. 2012. 7 feet h x 12" w

"The Standing Reliquary: Oceania Dreams" Blown Glass and Steel. 2012. 6.5 feet h



White Reliquary Stones Blown Glass and Steel. 48" h x 12" w. 2007

Detail: White Reliquary Stones  

"Standing Reliquary: Time for Reflection" Mirrored Blown Glass and Steel.6 feet high x 14" w.2010

Detail: "Standing Reliquary:A Time for Reflection"  


"Reliquary Tower:Black Ladder" Blown Glass and Steel. 48"h x 8" w. 2009


Small Reliquary in White Blown Glass.18" h x 6" w. 2010


"Curving Reliaquary Stones #1" Blown Glass, Hand Rubbed Oil finish and Steel. 5" l x 14" w. 2008

Detail: " Curving Reliquary"  

"Susurration of a City Scape" Sand Blasted Sheet Glass and Steel.5 feet long x 30" h. 2008

Susurration of a Landscape Sand Blasted Sheet Glass and Steel. 5 feet long x 33" h. 2009

Sussuration Vertical Scape Sand blasted Sheet Glass and Steel.5 feet high x 30" wide. 2009

"Arch #1" Cast Glass and Steel, 30" diameter. 2010

Detail: "Arch #1"   

Intersection #2 Cast Glass. 50" l x 25" h

Intersextion #3 Cast Glass. 50" l x 30" h

"Intersection #1" Cast Glass. 48" l x 15" h.(variable arrangement) 2010

"Protean Ring" Blown Glass and Steel. 60" dia. 2008

Detail:Protean Ring  

"Protean Ring #2" Blown Glass, forged Iron and Steel. 35" diameter. 2009

"Mediatation Beads #1" Blown Glass, Forged Iron and Copper Wire. Variable dimensions. 2007

Detail: Meditation Beads  

"Venus #1" Hot Sculpted Glass and Forged Iron. 16" l x 8" h. 2003

"Venus #2" Blown Glass and Steel. 25" l x 10" h. 2008


Detail" Venus #3"  

"Revered Tendancies" Cast Glass and Steel. 25" h x 15" x 4" projection. 2004

Detail:"Revered Tendancies"